I'm a senior leader in the financial services industry with over 25 years of corporate experience and a strong work ethic. I've held substantial leadership roles in prestigious firms such as HSBC, Barclays and BSkyB, driving strategic transformation programmes, non-financial risk management, learning and development, continuous improvement and cost reduction amongst other things. 

In addition to the above, I'm an accredited coach with over 600 hours of coaching experience, a published author, speaker, Udemy instructor, marathon finisher. I'm also a single parent of two kids. 

With respect to coaching, I’m passionate about personal growth and believe deeply in the power of human potential.

I primarily work with financial services executives to enhance their effectiveness and achieve both personal and professional goals.

If this is of interest, head over to the coaching page for details; or simply drop me a line at vr@vinitaramtri.com for a free exploratory session. 

Accredited Coach