May I?   Can I?    What if I fail?   
What will they say? Is it okay?  Am I okay?
Are you always seeking approval?
Do you feel exhausted ticking boxes
…boxes that mean so little in the grand scheme of life?
‘Is this it?’ calls your heart.
It doesn’t have to be. 
If you wish to curate the life of your dreams,
you need to take the first step. 
Phone me on +44 (0) 7817256077 & let’s get going
…without permission and beyond permission!

lets discover your potential together



Yamin Miah (Fonder Bubblemind)

Having Vinita as my mentor has been extremely rewarding an beneficial she has helped me develop a positive mindset and has given me confidence to take my business to the next level. She is very creative and has helped me come if different ideas to help take my business next the next level. Extremely lucky to have Vinita has my mentor.

VP, Market Leader / Barclays

Donna Poffley

Vinita is a fantastic coach and a great support to me, she coaches me through my career and makes me think outside the box, she challenges my thinking which inspires me.

Social Media Expert

Mariela Albornoz

Vinita is a professional, genuine, an excellent human being that also happens to be an expert on her field. Highly recommended.

Financial Professional

Minal Gupta

I would recommend Vinita to anyone who needs a mentor/career trainer. She’s sincere and goes above and beyond to ensure your progress.

F&A Professional & an ardent animal lover

Shivani Mohite

I have known Vinita for nearly 16+ years right from the time when we both were starting out in our respective careers. What I noticed even then was her single minded focus towards her work and the path that her career was going to go on. She conducted some excellent training programs for us, lessons from which I carry with me even today. Vinita has a strong work ethic and a constant yearning to excel, to do better, to learn new things, to be one step better than what she was yesterday. I have been amazed at the speed with which she has ticked of her list of aspirations which take most of us pretty much our whole lifetime and it is an inspiration to me. I have enjoyed working with her and have had many long lasting lessons. I would thoroughly recommend her as a coach. If you are in need of some tough love, Vinita is the person you need. She’s confident and candid and just someone you can be yourself with. Once you get to know her, you’ll want her for a lifelong friend. She’s a true trainer and mentor.