Kumar Trilokani

HSBC Wealth and Personal Banking

Vinita was the External Speaker at the HSBC HTI WPB Channels transformation department. It was an event conducted part of BTC(Be the change) initiative by HSBC HTI. Vinita spoke the about sensitive topics like anxiety, Stress of Job security and Work life balance. Vinita also provided the details who can become a life coach and what type of training is required. It was a very insightful and thought-provoking session. Vinita's enthusiasm and real time experience were very motivational and given us a lot to think about. The feedback was very positive, which is testament to the great demonstration and enthusiasm about the subject. Overall, it was a pleasure for all of us to listen to her talk- highly inspirational and perfectly pitched to the audience, as always. We are looking forward to more such sessions in the future🙂.

Michaela Kalisova

Allan Lloyds Conferences

“It was a pleasure to cooperate with Vinita as she was attending one of our events as a key note speaker. She was also very enthusiastic about being a chairperson and she has exceptional talent to be a leader of the group. She created friendly atmosphere and all the participants felt encouraged to interact and agitate discussion. She is a true professional with impressive background and ability to catch listeners' attention. Nice to meet an expert like Vinita!"

Yamin Miah

Fonder Bubblemind

“Having Vinita as my mentor has been extremely rewarding an beneficial she has helped me develop a positive mindset and has given me confidence to take my business to the next level. She is very creative and has helped me come if different ideas to help take my business next the next level. Extremely lucky to have Vinita has my mentor. "

Donna Poffley

Vp, Market Leader / Barclays

“Vinita is a fantastic coach and a great support to me, she coaches me through my career and makes me think outside the box, she challenges my thinking which inspires me."

James Pao

Portfolio Manager, Barclays Wealth And Investment Management

I have known Vinita for a very long time and also am lucky enough to have her as my mentor, she helped me to clearly establish a development framework and stretch my thinking including the use various techniques such as The Johari Window which I found the experience to be hugely beneficial. In addition, she also leveraged her network to seek specialist connections and knowledge for me when needed which I greatly appreciate for. I would definitely recommend Vinita to anyone who is serious about their own development and want to do this in a structured and innovative way.

Zsofia Kovacs

Transformation, Change Management & Process Expert, Regular Speaker Of European Banking Conferences

“Vinita speaking? Amazing high energy, enthusiasm and excellent content! Being speakers of the Banking Back Office Operations Forum in Amsterdam I was inspired by her approach and unique presentation format even without any slides; it was a fantastic experience. The digital transformation panel discussion with her and other experts became a super interesting & funny debate about the future. Time was over but we just continued the professional discussion with the audience during lunch, breaks... I will definitely recommend Vinita as an outstanding speaker of conferences. "

Mariela Albornoz

Social Media Expert

“Vinita is a professional, genuine, an excellent human being that also happens to be an expert on her field. Highly Recommended. "

Rishi Dixit

Co-Founder, Ceo At Leaderkid Academy

“I have known Vinita for a long time. She is a caring, energetic, dynamic and professional individual who offers great insights and perspectives. She always gets stuff done. Simply put, she is a great asset and a friend to have by your side. My interactions with Vinita are always very inspiring. She is absolutely made for helping others to achieve their goals. She is driven and skilled and will spare no effort in helping people to challenge the norm, come unstuck and to realize their true potential. Vinita exuberates a high level of intelligence in professional and personal situations. Due to her ability to listen in and truly connect with people, interactions with her are always very enriching and they make you ask some very thought-provoking questions of yourself. She makes it safe for you to open up to her and gain real clarity on things that really matter in the short and long-term, which is a great start to further your life. I am proud of her accomplishments and am glad to have access to her."

Silvia Krámer

Head of Production at GLC Europe/Project Manager

Vinita was a speaker at many conferences that we organized such as the Back Office Operations Forum or the Women in Leadership Summit. She was always among our top speakers with a result of 91%. I was very pleased to work with her as she is always positive, energetic and a great public speaker. She also has the ability to engage people in her presentation with a very natural manner and positive approach to life. I hope that I will have the chance to work with her in the future as well.

Menaca Pothalingam

Leadership Consultant for Healthcare Professionals

I met Vinita as a co- attendee on a coaching course. She is intelligent, knowledgeable and very enthusiastic. Her writing skills are excellent and add value in numerous aspects. She is a versatile and talented woman who is a pleasure to be associated as a fellow coach and mentor.

Alexis Ward

Head of adviser experience

Vinita joined Barclays and threw herself at the new role of Rapid Response Management. Her key strengths are networking, change and attention to detail. Committed to her career and supporting her peers.

Suzanne Stannard

Co-Founder and Teacher, and Vice Principal at The Hive Academy

Vinita had a key role in working with people at all levels of the business and she had great skill in communicating in a credible manner and having her finger on the pulse of the hard data. Superb attention to detail, committed and conscientious and what's more a thoughly nice person. She project managed some complex issues and the work that she did helped to debunk some commonly held myths and get people focused on the real issues.

Gary Lester

Managing Director at G P Lester Consulting Ltd

I worked with Vinita on a couple of high profile projects at Sky. Vinita is simply awesome at getting things done and delivering results. She has great drive, determination and manages relationships with people very well. She will be an asset for whichever company she works for.

Clare Forrest

Retired, enjoying new hobbies, family time and travel

Vinita hit the ground running and succesfully developed and delivered our offshore training delivery plans, including business readiness, management of peope and end to end design through delivery process and implementation through from uk development to offshore BAU. Vinita brought, energy and expertise to the team and quickly developed strong collaborative relationships, worked creatively and took personal responsibility to develop solutions and policies where required as well as identfying and resolving any potential challenges

Parveez C (AWS CSSP, CEH)

Associate Director - 3rd Party / Information Security Compliance at UBS India

Vinita is an admirable human being. She is a thorough professional with self belief and passionate about attaining excellence in anything she does. I had the privilege of attending few of her “Learning Academy” training sessions. I was completely amazed at her energy levels and command over the subject. She is adept at articulating words into sentences in a manner in which a layman can understand to the best of his ability. Till present she is known to be one of the finest trainers WNS had in the learning academy. I wish her all the very best in her future endeavors.

Johnson George

Doctor of Literature (D.Litt), MBA(TQM & Ops)

Vinita has been an excellent resource multitasking between training schdules, preparation of training modules and seamlessly ensuring the quality management system of training through ISO 9001 standard. I wish her the best in her endeavors...

Sonia Rawat

Head of College at United World College Mostar

Vinita was part of a soft-skills training team that I managed at WNS. Her cheerful disposition and openness to change and learning were the positives I first noticed as I took over as manager for the Training Team. It was a pleasure to have her as part of my team as she was willing to take on any responsibility and always gave each task her very best. Besides being a good trainer, she is also an effective manager. Her hospitality background makes her an excellent organizer. She will be an asset for any organization she works with. My best wishes are always with her.

Livia Marchant

Project Support Manager at Centrica

Vinita represented her company well and ensured that their objectives were set to support our business aims for an offshoring project.

Bjorn Welander

Head Of Securities And Wealth Operations

“It was a complete pleasure to listen to Vinita talking about processes and process mapping. It is very clear that she is passionate about her topic and you can really feel that throughout her talk. Rather than using boring PowerPoint slides, Vinita used a flip chart to illustrate her points, which made everything so much more alive."

Sahil Bhalla

Conduct Risk Lead In Financial Services

When you need someone behind you who cares and knows how to help you achieve your goals, then you definitely need Vinita. She brings the best out of you. I have been benefitted hugely from having her both as a business mentor and as a life coach. I highly recommend her for in case you are ever stuck or you are face challenges in achieving your next goal. She can also coach you on effective communication, motivation and time management. A senior leader , an investment enthusiast and a great coach. Don't know how you do it all Vinita. So without diluting the gratitude by highlighting few and missing others, I would say my overall experience with Vinita has been really great.

Shivani Mohite

F&A Professional & An Ardent Animal Lover

“I have known Vinita for nearly 16+ years right from the time when we both were starting out in our respective careers. What I noticed even then was her single minded focus towards her work and the path that her career was going to go on. She conducted some excellent training programs for us, lessons from which I carry with me even today. Vinita has a strong work ethic and a constant yearning to excel, to do better, to learn new things, to be one step better than what she was yesterday. I have been amazed at the speed with which she has ticked of her list of aspirations which take most of us pretty much our whole lifetime and it is an inspiration to me. I have enjoyed working with her and have had many long lasting lessons. I would thoroughly recommend her as a coach. If you are in need of some tough love, Vinita is the person you need. She’s confident and candid and just someone you can be yourself with. Once you get to know her, you’ll want her for a lifelong friend. She’s a true trainer and mentor."

Pete Horrell

Ex-Ceo, Barclays Wealth

“After all the focus on remediation and stopping people doing bad things, it's great to see a book focused on how we now move on to using conduct positively to make the right proactive decisions in building great businesses that deliver better outcomes for clients..."

Didier Vondaeniken

(Ex)Head Of Barclays Wealth, Asia Pacific

“Conduct risk is becoming more and more a buzz word in the financial industry and for regulators. Amidst today’s evolving operating landscape, Vinita has been instrumental in helping senior leaders and colleagues at Barclays interpret and make sense of what good conduct risk management entails, all with a focus on making a tangible difference for our clients, colleagues and the wider industry. Converting theory into practical implementation advice, Vinita has provided pragmatic support and direction to the business, enabling each region to evolve conduct journeys tailor-made to meet their own set of priorities. Through this book, she shares her insights and experience, bringing to readers many practical examples that they can identify with and think through for their own businesses. This is definitely a worthwhile read not just for banking practitioners but for professionals looking at conduct risk management across all industries."

Ramesh Kundu

Hr Professional And Author

Vinita is my life coach and I find sessions with her very helpful. She has absolute clarity of thought; is passionate about her profession and guides her coachee to become better professionals & human being. Thank to her I already find a very positive change in my approach to look at events from a different angle and achieving results without being impatient. I highly recommend her as a life coach and wish her all the best...

Harish Singhal

Coo And Project Management Professional

I had few sessions with Vinita on Investment planning and monitoring and the way she explains is awesome. The subject is crystal clear and I am sure I will be connecting her again and again. She is a real guide with whose advise we can grow and progress
Accredited Coach